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A suit of armor for your everyday battles

The House of Sól jewelry are meant to serve as a suit of armor for modern women who wears it to a dinner or a steer-co.

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Shop the look

Shop the look


One of a kind pieces

Handmade by women artisans in Grand Bazaar, Istanbul with centuries of tradition


Brand DNA

Designed with passion, crafted ethically

House of Sól is a limited-edition brand with principles to work with indigenous artisans and to keep the time-honored culture alive by sharing its stories as well as paving sustainable paths for the industry.

Each piece is designed by our founder Nazlıcan Yöney with passion in New York, and ethically crafted by the hands of a dozen artizans in Grand Bazaar, Istanbul.

Nazlıcan Yöney

“We were packing and shipping orders from our home in Bodrum, Turkey when House of Sól was first launched in 2021. With support of our loyal customers and all-star team, we took our vision to global. Although HoS is a New York based company today; it will always be strongly tied to the Orient and its alchemy.”

Nazlıcan Yöney, Co-Founder & Creative Director

As featured in

"HoS necklaces are like crowns that you can wear around your neck"

"A feminist interpretation of the Orient"

"A modern suit of armour for women"

Some questions we get quite a lot:

Can I order in full 14k gold?

So yes! We provide the option of full 14k gold with an alternative price. Listed price of HoS pieces are for 24k gold filled 925 sterling silver.

What's the difference between gold filled and gold plated?

All HoS pieces are 24k gold filled over 925 sterling silver. We use special goldsmith techniques to apply a 1 micron layer of 24k gold to the 925 sterling silver. Gold plated or gold washed items on the other hand, are made by washing a very thin layer of gold over the item. A gold filled piece is exceedingly durable for years, while others wash out over months.

What if my necklace is tight?

We offer free adjustment service as well as customization based on bespoke measures provided at the time of order.

Can I use my old HoS lock?

We encourage you to use your lock for different pieces as well as to mix and match different gemstones and pearls. Let us know which pieces you'd like to purchase without the HoS Lock by sending an email to We can give you a quote for your necklace without the lock.

What happens if I need a repair?

HoS pieces are made to last, but life happens. We provide repairs and services. Just reach out to one of our reps via email

Secure transactions

All transactions are handled with bank-grade security and necessary encryption.

Free worldwide shipping

We ship globally for free from our dispatch locations in North America or Asia.

Customize your piece

We are happy to help you if you want your piece tailored.

Talk to one of our experts

Feel free to ask your questions about a piece at


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