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House of Sol - HoS - Unique high-end fine jewelry. We collaborated with Gökçe İrten to draw a Post-Modern Feminist Harem, which is conquered by HoS women drinks their cocktail, while reading feminist authors Virginia Woolf and Simone de Beauvoir.
House of Sol - Unique High-end Jewelry. ''Ex Oriente Lux'' this old Latin phrase refers to not only the sun rising in the East, but also alludes to unique culture and creativity coming from the Asia Minor. The House of Sól is post-modern Turquerie.
Well historically speaking more powerful. House of Sól pieces inspire women to buy jewellery for themselves instead of gifting them by men. They aim to serve as a suit of armour in the everyday battles of women. They're created by the women for the women.
Forget your old locks. House of Sól locks are designed to serve you with an aesthetic multi-functionality. They assist you in making your own combination with other HoS necklaces, personal charms, or turning your gemstones into interior design elements.
HoS Lock took more than a year to develop from scratch, with countless trials. It's unique design lets you make your own combination of necklaces, chains and more so that you can constantly give a new meaning to these gemstones in your life.
Fantasy meets Eastern artistry with awe-inspiring creations. Bold, one-of-kind, oversized precious stones of House of Sól statement necklaces are not only for décolletage. They can turn into spectacular interior design elements thanks to HoS lock.
House of Sol - HoS - Unique High-end Fine Jewelry for unapologetic women.
House of Sol - HoS - Unique High-end Fine Jewelry for unapologetic women.
Instead ugly shipping boxes that come and go to trash, House of Sol has a unique perspective to make everything objet d'art in itself. Every season, we will work with an up-and-coming female artist from the East to summarize our collection and its muse.