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A Grand Bazaar Tale

Story of the HoS Lock™

When I started wandering around mysterious tunnels of the Grand Bazaar many years ago, I was mesmerized by the aura of gemstones around me. Those intriguingly shining baroque pearls, gigantic yet unapologetic turquoises and corals that are almost scary made me touch them, smell them, and sometimes even bite them! 

My relationship with these gemstones is beyond adoration purposes. I not only love wearing them like a suit of armor during the day, but also enjoy gazing at them as part of my interior design with pure joy, especially when I'm back home.

Ever since, this has become my ritual; for years every evening when I'm back home from a looong office day I would take my jewelry off, lay them down on my coffee table, color the dining table I set for my guests by putting them near their plates or wrap them around my favorite candle or flower vase. (For the curious reader, my fav flower is orange tulip).

It's not surprising, when we decided to launch our dream brand House of Sól, we had to make sure our magical gemstones are not only used as jewelry, but also as iconic interior design elements. To achieve that, we needed to re-form the functionality of jewels from being a necklace to a line of unique wild stones.

Discover the Hos lock

HoS Lock™ in Yellow Gold

24k yellow gold filled over 925 sterling silver

HoS Lock™ in Black Gold

24k black gold filled over 925 sterling silver

HoS Lock™ in White Gold

24k white gold filled over 925 sterling silver

It was all possible thanks to our unique HoS Lock™. It took more than a year to develop and finesse it from scratch, with countless trials. It's unique design lets you make your own combination of necklaces, chains and more so that you can constantly give a new meaning to these gemstones in your life. Once you free these wild gemstones they can gain new ontological perspectives, from ornamenting décolletages to tables.

We were lucky to wander around the magical showroom of Omar Baban Design to inspire you with some use cases.

*The HoS Lock design is patented along with other HoS pieces.


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